Magnifique Stitches provides services by appointment only, however scheduling is very flexible.  Same day, morning, evening, and week-end appointments are available.  


We can also service some customers by mail!  If you have a shirt  that needs to be altered, and you have another that fits just right, ship both to us and Debra can alter one using the measurements of the other.  If you want a dress made like one you already have, Debra can duplicate it.  Customer is responsible for shipping charges both ways.


Due to the fact that each service is customized for each customer, pricing is approximate.  This listing is designed to give a general idea of the price ranges for the service categories listed.


Simple Alterations - $10-$50


Complex Alterations - $50-$100 and up


Custom Casual Clothing - $15 - $65 and up


Custom Formal Clothing - $150 and up


SAME DAY Service (when available*) - $20-$50


RUSH Service (1-3 days, when available*) - $10-$40


*Same day and rush fees are charged in addition to regular service charges.  Availability and exact pricing depend on type of service needed and the number of orders seamstress is working on at the time your order is placed.  Promptness or quality of previously placed orders will not be sacrificed to provide rush services.



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